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2011 NFL Draft Results: Jets Take Scotty McKnight, Childhood Friend Of Mark Sanchez

As the 2011 NFL Draft moves into the home stretch of the seventh round, let's examine picks 224-228:

224. Washington Redskins select DE Markus White of Florida State. White's physical talents aren't the most impressive, but his production as a senior with the Seminoles was hard to overlook.

225. Baltimore Ravens select RB Anthony Allen of Georgia Tech. Allen doesn't have game-breaking speed, but he will run defenders over.

226. New Orleans Saints select DE Greg Romeus of Pittsburgh. Romeus has great size and impressive burst, but injury woes helped make his college career an inconsistent one. Joining the rusher-rich Saints probably won't hurt his development.

227. New York Jets select WR Scotty McKnight of Colorado. McKnight could be a decent possession receiver with surprising speed, but his greatest asset might be his connection with childhood friend Mark Sanchez.

228. St. Louis Rams select LB Jabara Williams of Stephen F. Austin. Williams is a guy with a great motor, and that translated to excellent production in his 2010 season.

Rounds 4 through 7 of the NFL Draft all take place on Saturday afternoon. Stay tuned to this StoryStream for live draft results. For further reading, check out SB Nation's NFL Draft hub, where we have draft grades for the first two rounds and reactions from our team blogs. And if you need to catch up on results from previous rounds, here are the results from the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds.