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2011 NFL Draft Results: Mr. Irrelevant Is Cheta Ozougwu

The 2011 NFL draft rolls on in the seventh round. Here's a summary of picks 249-254, including Mr. Irrelevant:

249. Arizona Cardinals select WR DeMarco Sampson. He's coming out of San Diego State and was a first team All-MWC selection in 2010.

250. San Francisco 49ers select CB Curtis Holcomb. Out of Florida A&M, Holcomb's shot will probably come through special teams.

251. Tennessee Titans select DB Tommie Campbell. If the NFL lockout weren't going on, I'd almost rather be an undrafted free agent so that I could pick my own team.

252. Dallas Cowboys select C Bill Nagy. Wisconsin runs a pro-style offense and has already produced a couple of offensive linemen in this draft. Solid pick for the Cowboys.

253. Washington Redskins select NT Chris Nelid. Lots of Redskins fans wanted a nose tackle earlier but they had to wait until the second to last pick in the draft to get one.

254. Houston Texans select DE Cheta Ozougwu. Out of Rice, This is your Mr. Irrelevant. He was a 2010 first team All-Conference-USA selection. He had 54 tackles last year with six of those for loss.

Rounds 4 through 7 of the NFL Draft all take place on Saturday afternoon. Stay tuned to this StoryStream for live draft results. For further reading, check out SB Nation's NFL Draft hub, where we have draft grades for the first two rounds and reactions from our team blogs. And if you need to catch up on results from previous rounds, here are the results from the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds.