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NFL Draft Trade Rumors: Lions Tried To Move Up For Patrick Peterson

As we previously mentioned, one of the best parts of the draft comes in the days following its conclusion when stories come out about the various trade talks that went on. The latest one involves the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals.

According to the Detroit Free-Press, the Lions offered the Cards the 13th overall pick, as well as their second and fourth round picks, to move up to the Cardinals fifth pick and select LSU CB Patrick Peterson.

This wouldn't be on the level of the Falcons-Browns trade but it would be a big one. The Cardinals ended up declining the trade and it's not like the Lions didn't come out OK. They were widely considered to have one of the best drafts picking up DT Nick Fairley and WR Titus Young with two of the three picks they would have given up.

While the move would have given the Lions the top cornerback in the draft -- and cornerback is one of those premium positions so it may have been worth it -- they ended up coming out fine in the draft.

If I'm a Lions fan, I'm OK with not making that trade.

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