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Dan Orlovsky Will Play For Indianapolis Colts, According To Report

After being dumped by the Houston Texans in favor of Matt Leinart, John McClain reports that quarterback Dan Orlovsky will continue his NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts.

Former Texans QB Dan Orlovsky said this morning he’s headed to Indy today to sign with the Colts. Good for him. Great guy.

Given his experience – he played in 10 games for the Detroit Lions in 2008 – one would think that Orlovsky could become Peyton Manning’s backup, ahead of Curtis Painter. But we’ll have to wait and see. That distinction might usually be mostly academic, given Manning’s good health and, um, attendance throughout his career, but with his advancing age and neck injury, that might not be the case anymore. Assuming Orlovsky can beat out Painter, this might be a good opportunity for him.

Orlovsky appeared in one game in two seasons with the Texans.

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