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2011 Super Bowl Predictions: Pittsburgh Steelers Will Beat Green Bay Packers (According To Madden '11)

The Pittsburgh Steelers will win Super Bowl XLV over the Green Bay Packers, 24-20, according to a Madden NFL simulation. EA Sports simulates the Big Game every year using its flagship video game, and this season Pittsburgh walked away with its seventh ring in franchise history.

In the simulation, Super Bowl XLV was a back-and-forth contest, that ended when Packers QB Aaron Rodgers threw a late interception on a last-minute drive. Steelers WR Mike Wallace was the game’s virtual MVP, pulling in five catches for 111 yards, including the game-winning touchdown.

Here are the full video highlights of EA’s Super Bowl XLV simulation:

Sure, it’s just a video game, so it would be silly to put much stock in the outcome it predicts. But keep in mind that Madden has correctly predicted the Super Bowl outcome six of the last seven years using its simulation.

Regardless of who actually wins the game, hopefully the real version will be as exciting as the simulated one was.