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2011 Super Bowl Odds: Green Bay Packers Still Favored By Three; Steelers Looking Good

Two weeks after emerging as 3-point favorites in the initial 2011 Super Bowl odds, the Green Bay Packers remain almost exactly where they began--favored by three points by most sportsbooks, with -140 odds to win outright. Given how close the game is on paper, it says a lot about the confidence Las Vegas (and the betting public) is showing in the Packers.

In a game that just about everyone agrees could go either way, popular opinion seems firmly on Green Bay's side. Having said that, the Pittsburgh Steelers have to be feeling good about where they are right now. They've spent the entire year going overlooked in the AFC.

First, everyone crowned the New England Patriots as presumptive winners of the conference after the regular season. Then it was the Jets that stole the spotlight when they upset New England and came swaggering into Pittsburgh looking like destiny's children. Through it all, it's Pittsburgh that's remained, and you have to think Mike Tomlin's using this latest disrespect to his advantage.

The Packers have the most impressive offense in the NFL, but as we get closer to Super Bowl sunday, it's important to remember that underdogs are 8-2 against the spread in the past 10 Super Bowls, and in the past 10 Super Bowls, you'd be hard pressed to find an underdog with as much pedigree as this year's Steelers team. The Packers may be favored, but look closer, and there's a very good argument which says Pittsburgh is the best bet.