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Packers Vs. Steelers Odds: Super Bowl XLV Prop Bets Involve Christina Aguilera, Brett Favre

We've been digesting the Super Bowl XLV odds all week on, but in case you haven't been paying attention or weren't convinced that Super Bowl is Christmas for gamblers all over the country, look no further than some of the props available at BoDog right now.

For instance, how many times will Fox announcers mention Brett Favre during Sunday's broadcast? The over/under is set at 2.5, and really, doesn't that seem preposterously low? It might be the easiest money on the board. And then there's the National Anthem.

How long will Christina Aguilera's anthem be? The over/under is set 1:54. Will she be wearing a cowboy hat while she sings it? Yes brings +275 odds. How long will she hold the note on "Brave" at the end of the anthem? Over six seconds has -140 odds. And on and on and on.

The insanity is really a sight to behold, so head over to BoDog to admire the props in all their glory. Like, if a player appears on USA Today holding the Super Bowl trophy, who will it be?

Aaron Rodgers has 3/2 odds and... WOO AMERICA!