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Chad Ochocinco At Roger Goodell's 2011 Super Bowl Press Conference

The 2010 Super Bowl was the arrival of OCNN -- Ochocinco News Network. That's of course a nod at Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals. He had a crew of NFL players with him, wearing OCNN shirts, and acting like reporters at the various press events.

Last year the questions were always goofy. This year, though, I've noticed OCNN is a little more serious. They're asking legitimate questions instead of just trying to be funny.

That's why I wasn't too surprised to see Chad Ochocinco stand up and ask a question at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's press conference on Friday.

Ochocinco prefaced his question by noting that Goodell represents 32 owners and that he represents over 1,900 NFL players. He asked Goodell to give him a real answer on when a new CBA would get done. "That's only going to happen if there are intensive negotiations between both sides," Goodell responded.

Ochocinco obviously didn't like the answer, which was too politically correct for his tastes. He wrote on his Twitter account shortly after Goodell's answer: "When you can answer a question without really answering what was asked takes superb skill and poise,there's got to be n art to it."