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Lombardi Trophy: Here's What Steelers, Packers Are Playing For At 2011 Super Bowl

The 2011 Super Bowl is only days away and the NFL is taking the Lombardi Trophy on a tour before the Pittsburgh Steelers or Green Bay Packers take it home with them. Here's what all the hoopla this week is all about:


The trophy will be presented following the conclusion of the game on Sunday night. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked a curious question on that trophy presentation. Apparently, according to a reporter's question at Goodell's annual press conference on Friday, Steelers fans are just as interested in seeing Goodell hand the trophy to QB Ben Roethlisberger and LB James Harrison at the trophy presentation as they are in the game itself.  

The reporter said some fans want to throw it back in Goodell's face after he suspended Roethlisberger and fined Harrison earlier this year. Goodell took the high road and said he represents 32 teams and he doesn't have favorites so he would be happy to present it to either team.