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2011 Super Bowl Weather: No Snow, For Now

The weather at the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas has been a hotly debated topic of conversation. Those that are in Dallas, like myself, have spent much of the time complaining about the city's lack of an adequate response to the snow we saw earlier in the week. Those that aren't in Dallas have probably been complaining about the people complaining about the weather in Dallas.

The good news is that I awoke this morning, walked out of my hotel, and found the weather to be...perfect. A light jacket is required but, beyond that, the roads are clear and the temperatures are nice. Looking at the weather on Friday, forecasters were predicting Sunday morning to have some snow showers. That won't be the case.

The bad news? The snow appears it's still coming. There are expected to be light snow showers throughout the afternoon and evening:


The roof on the Jerry Dome will be closed so the actual game won't be affected. And it doesn't appear those that are flying in on Sunday morning will see any of their flights affected. Hopefully (from a selfish perspective), the snow won't be sticking until later in the night.