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Super Bowl XLV: Coin Toss Duties To Be Handled By 2011 NFL Hall Of Fame Class

Super Bowl XLV will begin as every football game does: with a coin toss (after all the Super Bowl pregame festivities, of course). As the visiting team, the Pittsburgh Steelers will have the call (the AFC and NFC alternate home team roles each year).

The special ceremonial coin will be introduced to the team captains by referee Walt Anderson and then will be officially tossed by a member of the 2011 NFL Hall of Fame class, which was announced on Saturday. Scheduled to represent Canton's newest members at midfield will be Shannon Sharpe, Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Chris Hanburger, Richard Dent and Steve Sabol, son of NFL Films' founder and 2011 enshrinee Ed Sabol. 

With the game being played in the Dallas Cowboys' home, except the coin toss duties to be handled by either Sanders, or a favorite of nearly every NFL fan, Sabol. 

The Super Bowl has used a ceremonial coin tosser beginning in Super Bowl XII, with Red Grange. Previously the game official had handled the duties.

The NFC has won 13 straight coin flips, but is just 3-10 in those games. In 44 games, the coin has come up heads 23 times, tails 21. The NFC has won the toss 30 times, the AFC 14.

The odds are even for both heads and tails (imagine that!), with both sides at -105 over at Bodog. Similarly, both the Steelers and Packers were -105 on the moneyline to win the coin toss (it's as though it was a 50-50 chance!).

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