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2011 Super Bowl Moneyline, Over/Under: Steelers Underdogs Against Packers, But Not By Much

The Super Bowl XLV spread (or “line,” if you prefer) has the Green Bay Packers favored to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers by a small margin, pretty much no matter where you look. The moneyline offers a little bit more reason to shop around, at least if you plan on betting the Pack.

At, the Packers are listed as -135 favorites, while the Steelers are +115.

For gamblers just joining us, that means a winning moneyline bet on the Packers of $135 will earn a return of $100 (plus that original $135). Winning Steelers bets of $100 will return $115, plus $100.

Meanwhile, Odds Shark lists 5dimes as offering a -125 moneyline for the Packers, along with the same line for Pittsburgh.

The over/under is between 46 and 44.5 depending on where you look. If you’re not familiar, this is the total number of points to be scored by each team. If you bet the over, the Steelers and Packers must combine to score more points than the listed number for you to win.

For more on the game, visit SB Nation’s Super Bowl hub now, throughout the game, and during postgame.