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Super Bowl 2011 Commercials: Groupon And Liz Hurley Are Both Confusing And Reprehensible

Hahaha, Groupon’s trio of Super Bowl 2011 commercials, we get it. It’s very funny that you know celebrity activism is tired. This was a funnier joke when Faith No More made fun of it twenty-five years ago. That song is now the theme of Dirty Jobs, and no one knows it has a very off-color joke about Rock Hudson. Life is wonderful that way sometimes.

So if I am to watch Liz Hurley conflate the loss of Brazilian rain forest, there are some comments to be made.

You’ve now made me very confused, Groupon. Is Liz Hurley’s personal hair endangered? More importantly, is it like the Rainforest itself? Is there a tiny ponytailed Sean Connery traipsing its glens, and hollows, warning us of the miracle cures we’re destroying it every day? And Timothy Hutton, I mean, we’re just talking about whales and trees in the others, sure, but joking about actual Tibetans? Living, breathing Tibetans?

I’m comfortable with that, but I’m also not a good person, and am looking forward to a Groupon campaign for roadside assistance using Egypt as a pivot. “Hey, there’s people dying in the streets in Cairo, but don’t be caught dead without Triple A roadside you can share with your friends via Groupon!” Ha, that’d be droll! These ads are reprehensible. Burn it.