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Super Bowl XLV: Hundreds Of Fans Turned Away From Cowboys Stadium Due To Seat Safety Issues

Here's your first major miscue of Super Bowl XLV: Cowboys Stadium didn't have enough seats prepared for all of the Super Bowl tickets sold.

The NFL Network's Jason La Canfora lays it out:

NFL relocated 850 ticket holders due to issues with safety of seats. 400 fans were not able to be moved and refunded triple the face value

The face value of those tickets? $900.

Sports Illustrated writer Jim Trotter tweets that those fans might still get seats.

NFL says it's relocating fans to unused seats in aux press box and giving displaced fans tix that were previously returned ... Also, the NFL says some Cowboys staff members have returned their tix, as have senior staff who had tix for family

But there's definitely a huge problem here: did fans who bought tickets and shelled out wads of cash really get turned away? Even if they worked things out, that initial refusal is a major, major blemish on Super Bowl XLV. And a weak week in North Texas didn't need more flaws.