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Eminem Shills Lipton In Super Bowl 2011 Commercial; Is Allowed To Say 'Damn', Apparently

Did we just witness history? It's the Super Bowl, it's the year 2011, and we just saw Eminem cuss. He said "damn" on network television, and he was cussing about, of all things, Lipton iced tea. Here is video:

Firstly, we'd like to offer congratulations to Marshall P. Eminem, Esq. for remaining relevant -- it's tough for a rapper to do that for 12 years, and possibly unprecedented for a rapper of his popularity. Anyway, you can say "damn" on network television during hours children might be watching. That isn't new. Commercials, though, try to scale back on the offensive content, especially if they're shilling something as commonplace and all-ages as iced tea. I'm glad that iced tea didn't disappoint you, Marshall.

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