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Super Bowl XLV Hafltime Show: Black Eyed Peas, Slash And Usher Perform, Disappoint As Expected

For everyone who has always wanted to see Fergie and Slash share a stage and perform "Sweet Child Of Mine," the halftime show of Super Bowl XLV made your dreams come true. It opened with Black Eyed Peas being lowered down to the stage and signing "I Gotta Feeling." Which, well, obviously. 

They were immediately surrounded on all sides of the stage by hundreds of people dressed in all white suits (that also lit-up, of course). They danced a lot. They also formed large green arrows pointing to ... ?

Then it was onto "Boom Boom Pow," which led into Slash from Guns N' Roses rising from the middle of the stage for a very special duet with Fergie. And then, as quickly as he appeared, Slash was gone, out of our lives until, I dunno, Far East Movement calls. 

Then BEP moved on, going into "Pump It" and "Let's Get It Started" (I thought we already did!) before Usher joined them on stage for "O.M.G." The show ended with Black Eyed Peas doing "Where is the Love" -- the dancers weraing light suits all formed giant hearts at this point -- before wrapping it up their newest single, "The Time (Dirty Bit)." This is when the group was joined on stage by dancers with huge blocks on their head

So, yeah, the 2011 Super Bowl halftime was pretty terrible. But we knew it was going to be terrible before it ever started. 

And to think: the Black Eyed Peas were once really not all that bad.