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Aaron Rodgers Named Super Bowl XLV MVP

After throwing for 304 yards and three touchdowns, Aaron Rodgers got what was coming to him if the Packers pulled out Super Bowl XLV: a selection as the Super Bowl XLV MVP.

Rodgers joins Bart Starr (Super Bowls I and II) and Desmond Howard (Super Bowl XXXI) as Packers to have won the Super Bowl MVP, and his offense helped the Packers keep up a streak that dates back to the first "Big Game": Green Bay's 31 points in this win means the Packers have scored 30-plus points in all of their Super Bowl victories.

The six-point margin of victory, however, means that the Packers' streak of double-digit margins of victory in Super Bowl wins is over.

Oh, and about that shadow of Brett Favre? Rodgers just equaled Favre in number of Super Bowl rings, threw for more yardage and touchdowns than Favre did in either of his Super Bowl appearances, and earned an MVP award that Favre couldn't. If that shadow hasn't been banished forever, Rodgers at least burned it off under the bright Super Bowl lights tonight.

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