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'Alf Is A Panthers Fan?' And Other Nitpicks Of The NFL's Super Bowl Ad

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Look, there wasn't a lot to enjoy this year when it came to Super Bowl commercials. If crotch-kicks, dumb guys and hating on small, Asian nations isn't your thing, you were kinda left out in the cold.

I think we can all agree that the NFL's American Family ad, featuring footage from Happy Days, Seinfeld, The Office was among the best on the evening:

Harmless fun. Unless, of course, you're a nitpicker. Cause if you're a nitpicker, there's SO MUCH TO NITPICK!

First off, The Office folks rooting for the Steelers? Sacrilege for an office full of Scranton folks who are almost certainly all Eagles fans. Except Andy, who as a pretty New England is probably a Pats fan. Which makes it even worse for him...


Next up, Cheers, where Norm is wearing a Pats jersey that he almost-certainly couldn't have next to a Pats logo that didn't exist until the very end of the show's run. I mean, I GUESS this could have happened but all signs point to Norm being a Pat Patriot guy.


Mike Brady comes home to his framed Philip Rivers jersey, which is weird since Rivers was born in 1981, a full seven years after the show ended. Also note the Antonio Gates photo, which is also weird since the dude was born in 1980.


The Falcons and Dukes of Hazzard are good fit. Not a good fit? Using black, which didn't become a Falcons' color until long after them Duke boys were done jumpin' the General Lee.


The most egregious nitpick of them all? ALF as a Carolina Panthers fan. Even if you remove the fact that the Panthers didn't even exist while ALF was on the air, there's the...a Panther is a cat. ALF eats cats. Therefore, ALF would not have rooted for the Panthers. He'd root for the Falcons or some other predatory bird that eats small cats. That's just being scientific.


Are you offended that Modern Family's Gloria, a Colombian, is wearing a Redskins jersey? In this case you're wrong, because there's absolutely no reason you should have even noticed what kind of shirt she was wearing.