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Green Bay Packers Parade: School District To Shorten Classes

In America, the education of our youth is paramount. Except when our local football teams wins the Super Bowl. Then ... education can wait, especially in favor of of the Green Bay Packers parade.

The Ashwaubenon School District, of which Green Bay is a part, will be shortening the day Monday in order to accommodate traffic demands for the Packers' victory celebration that begins at 1:15 p.m.

There will be no afternoon 4-year-old kindergarten, early childhood, Head Start, or Chance for Change. After-school programs are canceled. Elementary and middle school after-school activities and scheduled competitions are canceled. High school practices will be held at the coach’s discretion, and any high school games will be held as scheduled.

The move makes sense from a personnel aspect, as well as the fact that many of those kids will probably be distracted or pulled out of school by Packer fan parents anyway. Still, it's a cause for concern among working parents who wonder what they're supposed to do with their kids in the afternoon.

Classes will even end early on Tuesday for a couple schools in the celebration traffic area.

The school district recommends "that all students attend school until they need to leave for the celebration." Considering this is Green Bay, I'm fairly certain leaving for the Packers' Super Bowl celebration is more mandatory than math class.