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Chrysler 200, Eminem Generate Buzz With 2011 Super Bowl Commercial

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The Super Bowl ad-war is about generating buzz and building a brand. In that regard, it's easy to figure out which commercials were successful in accomplishing the goal when the dust from Super Bowl XLV settled. A simple look at Google, and what the masses were searching for, showed the clear winner was the Chrysler 200 and its impressive commercial centered around Detroit and rapper Eminem.

The commercial worked, judging by Google Trends. Well after the Super Bowl ended, at around midnight on the West Coast, this is what the top-10 searched items were.


The Chrysler 200 and Chrysler Super Bowl commercial generated immediate buzz that was sustained throughout the game and for the rest of the night.

When Jon Bois described the commercial yesterday, he called it the best commercial of the Super Bowl while praising Eminem's role in it.

Eminem is emblematic of the city of Detroit. I'm not a profound Slim Shady apologist, and I'm outright annoyed by him sometimes, but this commercial? Absolutely killed it.

The people have spoken, and they agree. With the amount of searches for Chrysler -- not just to replay the commercial, but to find out more about the product, it appears -- the creative minds behind the Super Bowl commercial can pat themselves on the back. Mission accomplished and a job well done.