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2011 Super Bowl Commercials: Best Ads Are Still The Dumbest Ads

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If you thought Volkswagen won the Super Bowl advertising battle with its "The Force" commercial, then you clearly are not dumb enough to be in the target demographic for Super Bowl commercials. According to USA TODAY's Ad Meter -- in which 282 adults give their real-time feedback -- the top two commercials during the game were from Doritos and Bud Light. Both involved dogs, and both were mind-numbingly stupid -- the key combo for success, apparently. Video of them both after the jump.

Our own Spencer Hall summed this up best on Sunday: "No Super Bowl is complete without the commercials presumably targeted to your houseplants, i.e. The Bud Light/Doritos/PepsiMax Holy Trinity of Subhuman Advertising. Super Bowl 2011 has its fair share, and is thus complete, but that's no reason to be happy because these commercials should make you weep, especially because Bud Light commercials now seem witty compared to their competition."

We can take some solace in knowing that the VW ad did rank third on Ad Meter ... right above another Doritos commercial and the final player in the Holy Trinity, Pepsi Max.