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Ronnell Lewis Leaves Fiesta Bowl, Heads To Hospital, With Serious Neck Injury

Oklahoma linebacker Ronnell Lewis was back-boarded, placed on a stretcher and transported to a nearby hospital after leaving the Fiesta Bowl with an apparent neck injury. Lewis was shown being immobilized on the sideline all of a sudden and was carted off the field shortly thereafter.

The linebacker was, apparently, injured in a collision during a punt and began to feel pain in his neck and back. Back injuries have plagued Lewis at times during his career with the Sooners.

Lewis did leave the field under his own power, but appeared to be feeling the effects of the hit as he staggered to the sidelines. Further tests caused doctors to take every precaution, strapping him down and carting him off the field moments later. Though little was released about his injury, ESPN reported he was being taken to a nearby hospital for observation.