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2011 NFL Draft: Justin Blackmon, Brandon Weeden Returning To Oklahoma State

The top of the 2011 NFL Draft is suddenly thin at wide receiver now that Oklahoma St. Cowboys sophomore WR Justin Blackmon has announced he's returning. Biletnikoff Award-winner Blackmon went for more than 100 yards and a touchdown in every game this season, totaling 1,782 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Earlier today Notre Dame Fighting Irish WR Michael Floyd announced his intention to stick around, leaving only Georgia Bulldogs WR A.J. Green and Alabama Crimson Tide WR Julio Jones as the likely top-15 receiver picks. According to Mocking The Draft, Pittsburgh Panthers WR Jonathan Baldwin could be the player most helped by all these top receivers staying.

The Cowboys also felt inclined to announce junior QB Brandon Weeden's return, though he has not been pegged by many as a high draft prospect. Weeden threw for 4,277 yards and 34 touchdowns, but he's only played in 15 college football games even though he's 27 years old.

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