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Gary Kubiak Will Remain With Texans In 2011; Wade Phillips On His Way?

The Houston Texans will announce on Monday Gary Kubiak will return to the team as head coach in 2011. There was speculation that Kubiak would be out after the Texans failed to make the playoffs after a promising start finishing 6-10 on the season. 

Kubiak's defensive staff, however, has seen a shake up as defensive coordinator Frank Bush has not been retained. That's no surprise as the Texans defense was one of the worst in the league last year.

The Texans know they may have something special on offense and Kubiak is a large reason for that. From Matt Schaub to Arian Foster to Andre Johnson, there's a lot to like about the Texans offense right now. Him staying on in 2011 may be an effort to keep that consistency.

But someone has to fix the defensive side of the ball. There is speculation and reports out there that former Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips could make his way to Houston as defensive coordinator. Houston beat writers say he is expected to take the job.

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