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Hornets Vs. Suns: Chris Paul Shines, But Late Missed Call Sinks New Orleans

The New Orleans Hornets took a season-high 10-game win streak into Sacramento Saturday night, and lost it. And that was to the Sacramento Kings -- it wasn't as if the Lakers or someone played the Hornets in Sactown. It was the Kings.

The back-end of the back-to-back came Sunday at the Phoenix Suns. The Hornets confirmed the end of their hot streak by losing to the Suns, a below-.500 team, 104-102. Perhaps New Orleans shouldn't have won -- officials missed a goaltending call on Grant Hill with 3.9 seconds.

They also arguably missed a couple of foul calls on Chris Paul's desperation three at the buzzer there. But the goaltend? That's more difficult to excuse. This wasn't a tough apex-of-the-shot call, or a bang-bang backboard miscue. Thornton put the ball off the glass, and then Hill tipped it. Goaltending, plain and simple.

That said, you shant trail the Suns by eight with 18 seconds to go, as the Hornets did, and expect to survive. The Hornets got turnovers on two late Hill inbounds passes, and Paul hit three free throws after Channing Frye fouled him on a deep attempt.

Paul finished with 26 points and 12 assists, but he, nor any Hornet, could stop the Polish Hammer, Marcin Gortat, who went 9-10 on his way to 25 points and 11 rebounds.

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