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The Best Animated Sports GIFs Of 2010, Numbers 20 Through 16

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20. Bummer, part 1 of 2


(Thanks to Lookout Landing)

The Angels' Erick Aybar doesn't walk much and he slugs .330. He swung at a pitch that hit him in the penis. Onward!

19. Bummer, part 2 of 2


(Apologies; this one may take a minute to load. Thanks again to Lookout Landing)

Mariners pitcher Brandon League does not yet have a plate appearance in the majors, but that did not stop him from hitting a dinger. The unfortunate victim is Rob Johnson (lol), and Eric Chavez can't help but slack his arms and guffaw about it. The last shot here, with Johnson doubled over with his trainer, is the kicker. If the rest of the GIF is Flick sticking his tongue on the telephone pole, this part is him sadly trudging into the classroom with a mouthful of poorly-wrapped gauze.

18. Desean Jackson heroically forces his way through the end zone


(Click image to view. Via 30fps)

The NFL is a league which demands every ounce of effort from its players. Touchdowns don't come easily, and Desean Jackson stretched out with everything he had to get these six points for his team.

Many of you have already seen this one, but in case you haven't already, watch it again while keeping your eye on the official. Ask yourself if you've ever seen an NFL ref make body language that screams so loudly, "aww come onnnnnn, man!" What a wonderful game.

17. Roy Oswalt briefly morphs into B-list celebrity


(Via Jockpost)

Perhaps it's because I haven't usually paid close attention to the Astros, but I don't think I had ever seen Roy Oswalt smile. Ever. To me, he was an expressionless, stone-faced dude who was good at baseball. And then I saw this GIF of him videobombing his pitching coach with a photogenic, ear-to-ear grin. This is not what startled me.

Look at that mug. It's Kirk Cameron! Roy Oswalt doesn't look like Kirk Cameron; he looks exactly like Kirk Cameron. He should have to pay royalties to the producers of Growing Pains. You know, given that Growing Pains was an ABC show, and ABC has been acquired by Disney, I suppose you could say that ROY OWES WALT

16. The poor man's Jeremy Shockey GIF


(Via @xmasape, suggested by our own Jason Kirk)

This is the Saints' sideline from earlier this season, when Garrett Hartley missed a chip-shot field goal to win the game in overtime.

You're familiar with the Shockey GIF, right? It is possibly the greatest sports-related animation of all time. This bit doesn't quite approach that, but it's worth marveling at Travis Jones' superhuman ability to halt a fist-pump when it's already underway. Fist pumps accelerate so quickly that it's quite dangerous to try to stop them.

Unfortunately for Jones, he was the only one to celebrate erroneously, with exception of the fellow in the background who looks like he's wearing a boxing glove.

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