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NBA Lockout Talks To Resume On Monday Afternoon With Season On The Line

Top officials from the league and players' union met for 5-1/2 hours on Sunday night in New York City in last-ditch NBA lockout talks. NBA commissioner David Stern has set a Monday deadline for a deal to be reached before he cancels the first two weeks of the regular season. The result of Sunday's meeting: the two sides will meet again on Monday, at 2 p.m. ET per Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski.

That Monday meeting, now considered a last chance to preserve an 82-game schedule, has caused the postponement of a players' union meeting scheduled for Los Angeles on Monday. Billy Hunter, the director of the National Basketball Players Association, was set to leave for that meeting on Sunday before league officials took a 50-50 revenue split off the table as a condition for meeting. (It's still believed that the owners would like a 50-50 split.)

NBPA president Derek Fisher told reporters staking out Sunday's meeting that the sides were "not necessarily closer" at the end of the meeting vs. when they entered, at which point the union had pushed for a deal allowing players to earn a total of 53 percent of league income. The two sides made great progress in their last meeting on Tuesday, but talks stopped at that point with players bristling over the league's apparent "take or leave it" 50-50 offer.

Stay tuned to for lockout coverage on Monday.