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NBA Lockout: 100 Games Cancelled By David Stern, Including Big Opening Night Doubleheader

David Stern's decision to cancel the first two weeks of the season as the NBA lockout could not be solved by Monday has cost the league a full 100 games, averaging out to about seven per team. That's 8 percent of the regular season; the commissioner said that those games will not be made up if an agreement is reached in the coming weeks, ensuring a shortened season.

Among the games lost is what would have been a thrilling opening night doubleheader on TNT: the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks against MVP Derrick Rose and the Eastern finalist Chicago Bulls, followed by the L.A. Lakers vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder. Two great matchups filled with great players, gone.

ESPN will lose its November 2 doubleheader featuring the ratings-gold Miami Heat and the rebooted New York Knicks, followed by those Lakers and the Golden State Warriors in what would have been Mark Jackson's debut as a head coach. Jackson spent the last several years as an ESPN and ABC commentator.