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NBA Lockout: League, Players' Union Officials To Meet With Federal Mediator

Billy Hunter, the director of the National Basketball Players' Association, announced on New York's WFAN on Wednesday afternoon that officials from the league and players' union will meet with a federal mediator to attempt to inject life back into NBA lockout talks. The meeting will go down on Monday, Hunter said.

The talks broke off on Monday as the sides failed to reach a deal on system issues such as luxury tax modifications and salary cap reforms. The sides also remain at odds on the share of league revenue players will be paid each season. The old collective bargaining agreement allotted players 57 percent; the union's best offer has moved to 53 percent, while the owners have proposed a 47 percent share for players.

The NFL and its players' union met with a mediator before Roger Goodell locked out players last winter. Despite several mediation sessions, the NFL lockout ran until July.