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NBA Lockout Talks To Continue Thursday As Owners Caucus

Federal mediator George Cohen announced Wednesday evening that NBA lockout talks would continue on Thursday at the conclusion of owners' meetings in New York City. The two sides met with Cohen for 16 hours on Tuesday and early Wednesday, and again for nearly nine hours on Wednesday. Tuesday marked the first negotiating session between the league and players' union since NBA commissioner David Stern cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season on Oct. 10.

Cohen offered no insight on the state of negotiations, and reiterated that he has asked league and union officials to stay mum. Cohen has no authority in his role as mediator, but both sides have heretofore acceded to his wishes.

The NBA has not cancelled additional games as threatened by Stern in comments to the media late last week. Stern had said that without a deal by the end of Tuesday, he could cancel games through Christmas.