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NBA Lockout Talks To Resume Monday, No Announcement On Cancellations To Be Made

David Stern, Billy Hunter and the top-level negotiators from the league and players' union will meet again on Monday to work on breaking the NBA lockout, reports Ken Berger of CBS Sports. The sides met Friday and Saturday, but will not formally get together on Sunday. Berger reports that full bargaining committees will assemble on Tuesday, with hopes of picking up momentum towards a deal.

Berger also reports that Stern will not announce anything further preseason cancellations on Monday, but could do so at any point afterwards. The NBA has already cancelled preseason games through October 15, and delayed the start of training camps, which were supposed to open Monday.

The two sides met for seven hours on Saturday, tackling only salary cap structure issues as there's an impasse on the players' share of revenue. The league's proposal averages 46 percent of total revenue for the players, while the union has gone as low as 53 percent.