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NBA Lockout: David Stern Misses Thursday Meetings With The Flu

As the NBA convenes in New York City for owners' meetings and continued meetings with the NBA Players Association and federal mediator George Cohen, there's one man missing: NBA commissioner David Stern. The NBA's deputy commissioner, Adam Silver, announced on Thursday that Stern was not present at the NBA owners meetings and will miss the labor talks, as well.

Stern has the flu, according to Silver, and has spent the day at home. Lest we mistake his absence for a sign that talks will stall today, Silver assured the assembled media that Stern has been checking in on progress with text messages and e-mails. What's more, Silver has been the lead negotiator for the NBA all along, so Stern's absence doesn't necessarily change things in a practical sense. 

David Stern may be the man who's ultimately responsible for signing off on any deal, but that doesn't mean the two sides can't make plenty of progress without him. And hey, look! It seems like they may have finally figured out a mid-level exception. Maybe this flu is a blessing...