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NBA Lockout Talks Break Off As Owners, Players Fail To Reach Agreement On Revenue Split

NBA lockout talks broke off for the third time in three weeks on Thursday as federal mediator George Cohen apparently could not get officials from the league and players' union to make major concessions on the key hurdles holding up the 2010-11 season. Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to report that talks had broken off after 7 p.m. on Thursday with no further meetings scheduled.

Woj also reported that a failure to reach an agreement on a revenue split is what did the latest talks in. Before Cohen got the groups together on Tuesday, each side wanted 53 percent of revenue in a new deal, with the other side taking 47 percent. (Players had received 57 percent of revenue in the recently expired deal.) The league had reportedly moved to a 50-50 offer by the end of Wednesday's session, but apparently the union would not meet them there.

The first two weeks of the regular season -- some 100 games -- had already been cancelled by NBA commissioner David Stern. More cancellations are expected.