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NBA Lockout: Players' Union Wouldn't Dip Below 52.5% Revenue Split, Says League

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NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver, in announcing that NBA lockout talks had broken off on Thursday, said that once the owners moved their revenue split proposal to 50-50, the players' union moved to a 52.5 percent share and would not go further. Players were mandated 57 percent of NBA revenue over the past decade, and prior to Thursday had offered to drop to 53 percent. The owners themselves were at 53 percent on Wednesday -- though commissioner David Stern had said in the past he could sell his owners on 50 percent.

Silver did not announce further cancellations on Thursday, but those are due to come with the league and union not planning to meet again anytime soon. The regular season was slated to begin on November 1, but Stern cancelled the first two weeks of the season 10 days ago. One hundred games were lost in that round of cancellations.

The 2.5 percent of NBA revenue that separates the owners and union at this point amounts to roughly $100 million per season.