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NBA Lockout: Mediator Says 'No Useful Purpose' To Continue Talks

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Federal mediator George Cohen said there was "no useful purpose" to continue NBA lockout talks on Thursday after officials from the league and players' union again reached an impasse on the revenue split issue. In a statement released as NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver and San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt explained why owners and players broke off the talks, Cohen said that mediated negotiations held from Tuesday through Thursday were productive, there was no point to keeping the sides in a room.

"As a follow up to the NBA's and NBA Players Association agreeing to my invitation to conduct negotiations under the auspices of the FMCS, three days of mediation have taken place," Cohen wrote. "During this period, a wide variety of issues were addressed in a professional, thoughtful manner, consistent with what one would expect to take place in a constructive collective bargaining setting.

"Regrettably, however, the parties have not achieved an overall agreement, nor have they been able to resolve the strongly held, competing positions that separated them on core issues.

"In these circumstances, after carefully reviewing all of the events that have transpired, it is the considered judgment of myself and Deputy Director Scot Beckenbaugh, who has been engaged with me throughout this process, that no useful purpose would be served by requesting the parties to continue the mediation process at this time. For our part, the Agency has advised the parties that we will be willing and prepared to continue to facilitate any future discussions upon their mutual request."