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Introducing The New And Improved SB Nation iPhone App

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The new Apple iPhone 4S is out. The new iOS 5 is out and letting you stalk your friends like never before. Now get ready for the news to go from good to great -- The new and improved SB Nation iPhone App is available and ready for download in the App Store -- And yes, it's compatible with iOS 5!

The original version, which we unveiled in August, was met with some great reviews, as the great reviews indicated (and if you haven't rated it yet, why not?!). But we also quickly learned -- with your help -- what needed to be fixed, and what we could have done better.

Which is why we are so excited to roll out the updated SB Nation iPhone App with some new features we think you'll truly appreciate:

Improved Comments

The number one request when we launched the SB Nation app in August was to make the comments better. So we did. Now you can enjoy virtually the same comment experience through the iPhone app that you do on sites. With version 1.1, you can expect:

  • Fast load times for comments, allowing you to follow the conversation in real-time with a new refresh button.
  • The ability to reply to comments in-line
  • Fast browsing of comments that are new to you -- If you're familiar with our keyboard shortcuts for comments on the web - pressing the Z-key will will simultaneously mark a comment as read and tab forward to the next unread comment - we have built the same functionality into the iPhone app


Another top request was to to be able to read the FanPosts from your favorite blogs.  And now you can. When you go to your blog from your Lineup you'll see a toggle for Blog posts and Fanposts. Tap Fanposts and you'll see the top
recommended and recently posted FanPosts. 

In-app browser

Tired of clicking a link in the SB Nation App only to be take to your phone's browser? So were we, so we've added a built-in browser to the app.  Now when you click on a link from an article in the app, we open up the URL in an in-app browser. You can browse the site for as long as you want. When you want to go back to where you were
in the SB Nation app, just tap the "close" button and BOOM - you're back where you started.

For a bit more info of what's new and how to use it, here is a video demo of the highlights: 

SB Nation iPhone app - v1.1 from Mark on Vimeo.

And before you ask, yes, the Android app is on its way, too. We are still planning to have it out by the end of the year, and it will have the same great, updated features as the SB Nation iPhone app.

Download the new and improved SB Nation iPhone app v. 1.1.0 in the iTunes Store