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Peyton Manning Could Still Play This Year, Colts' Bill Polian Says

The Indianapolis Colts are now 0-7 to start the 2011 NFL season and this is shaping up to be one of the worst years in history for the Colts. That's what happens when you lose someone like Peyton Manning (but the team shouldn't be this bad).

Colts executive Bill Polian talked with Peter King this week and had a few Manning-related nuggets.

First, he said Manning could still practice and/or play this year, which is what the Colts have been saying all along. It seems like they're telling the truth there because they have yet to place Manning on injured reserve.

Second, he said Manning, who is recovering from surgery on his neck, is walking on a treadmill now and could begin jogging this week.

Third, Polian says he and Manning have talked about plans for 2012 and beyond but King says he wasn't specific on that. This could be an interesting subject down the road because, if the Colts earn the No. 1 pick, they could be faced with a big decision if given the opportunity to draft Andrew Luck.

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