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Terrell Owens Struggles In Public Workout

Free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens held his private workout today and drew little interest from NFL clubs. Owens' workout was shown live on NFL Network, so teams could actually sit at home and watch the workout if they really wanted to. Unfortunately for Owens, he struggled in his workout. The 37-year old wide receiver is just six months removed from ACL surgery, which included a trip to Korea of stem cell treatment.  The workout was put together by Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

"This is what I've been training for, I'm not worried about the naysayers who say that I can't come back, that I'm wasting my time. I think what I showed today -- it speaks for itself," Owens told the media afterward.

By all accounts, it wasn't a very flattering performance.

In Owens workout, he appeared slow out of his breaks and winded mid-way through. He took multiple breaks between routes, which most teams would flag as a bad sign. Teams would rather the routes come back to back and in succession, in order to test out the strength and endurance of his repaired knee.

Yahoo!'s Doug Farrar gave a summary of the workout on his Shutdown Corner blog.

Overall, and hearing from one source that Owens is fairly close to complete in his recovery (a couple weeks away, that source told me), I'm not seeing a receiver that would grab interest from any team. Until and unless he can get up to speed and optimal acceleration after cuts, I'm not sure what he'd be able to do in an offense.

I wouldn't anticipate Owens signing with any team anytime soon, potentially not even this season.