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NBA Lockout Talks Stretch 15 Hours As League, Union Claims Progress

NBA lockout talks reconvened on Wednesday in New York City, and representatives from the league and players' union had their longest bargaining session yet, stretching 15 hours, into the wee morning on Thursday. Afterward, in comments to the exhausted media, each side agreed that progress had been made on salary cap issues.

"We were able to work through a number of different issues today regarding our system," union president Derek Fisher said. "We can't say that major progress was made in any way, but some progress was made on system issues. Obviously enough for us to come back."

The two small groups will return to the bargaining table on Thursday. NBA commissioner David Stern left open the possibility of getting all 82 games in if a deal is agreed to by this weekend. That would take some real acrobatics, given that everyone projects the earliest regular season game from the day a handshake deal is reached is about 30 days out.