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2011 World Series: Joe Buck Pays Tribute To His Dad With David Freese Walkoff Call

20 years and one day ago, Jack Buck, calling the World Series for CBS, said, “And we’ll see you tomorrow night!” as Kirby Puckett hit an 11th-inning walkoff home run in Game 6. Buck then stopped talking and let the pictures tell the story.

Joe Buck, whose calls are at times called bland and uninteresting, paid tribute to his dad when David Freese matched Puckett with his 11th-inning walkoff Thursday night in St. Louis. You can watch both calls here (along with the audio from each matched to the home run from the other game), and A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin exchanged emails with Buck after the game, resulting in these comments:

Daulerio: “Very, very cool moment. Good on you.”

Buck: “Thanks man. Fun night”

Daulerio: “Seriously, did it just come to you or did you have that in your backpocket for a while?”

Buck: “It just fit. Its always there.”

There’s some other video of the moment at Deadspin, and as of the time of this post, about 68% of you agree that Buck’s call was a touching tribute. Vote, if you haven’t already.