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Ohio State NCAA Investigation: One Of 'Tattoo Five' Has Eligibility Concerns

Hello there! When last we'd talked, the world was under the impression DeVier Posey, Solomon Thomas, Daniel Herron and Mike Adams would be set to return for the Ohio St. Buckeyes this weekend against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. You'll recall the four were suspended, along with a former coach and teammate, for five games that didn't include the game immediately following the suspension itself.

Now it sounds like one of those players might not make it back onto the field just yet:

Larry James, who represents tailback Daniel Herron, wide receiver DeVier Posey, left tackle Mike Adams and defensive end Solomon Thomas, told The Associated Press that "probably we're talking about potentially one player as we speak that there's an issue around. But that's not finalized."    

Athletic director Gene Smith has called for a Monday news conference, at which very little will be discussed and discovered, probably.

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