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Best Of The SB Nation Network: October 3, 2011

We have 314 fantastic sports blogs in SB Nation, so in case you didn't have a chance to read them all today we've collected the best stuff right here. Get sports smart in no time fast!


- Andrew Bogut is one step closer to playing in his homeland.

- Both players and owners (and especially David Stern) shouldn't forget about the desperate times the league faced in the 70s and early 80s.

- As former Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard is among the finalists for the same position with the Raptors, some blogger Q&A provides background info.


Blogging The Boys explores the Tony Romo meltdown from Sunday.

- Bleeding Green Nation chronicles the Eagles' debacle in their loss to the 49ers.

- In Detroit, they're feeling pretty good about their comeback win, as Pride Of Detroit reports.

- Cincy Jungle reports on Cedric Benson powering the Bengals past the undefeated Bills.


Pinstripe Alley said that even though Alex Rodriguez chased away the boo birds a couple of years ago, they seem to have returned this postseason.

- Talking Chop wonders why a late season collapse has turned the Red Sox upside down but hasn't had the same effect on the Braves.

- Royals Review takes a look at the outfield defense of the 2011 Royals.

- Red Reporter evaluates GM Walt Jocketty's work in 2011.


- Soccer has come a long way in the United States in terms of its place in the public consciousness, but if a recent diatribe by a Kansas City columnist is any indication, it still has a ways to go. The Daily Wiz answers some of Jack Harry's criticisms.