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NBA Lockout: Billy Hunter Admits NBPA Decertification Is An Option

The NBA lockout talks on Tuesday resulted in almost no progress, so with the threat of regular-season games being canceled, even NBA Players Association head Billy Hunter admitted it is time for the players to explore all their options. Hunter said Tuesday that the NBPA would have to now "give some thought" to decertification, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

Decertification would make the lockout a legal battle. It is something the NFL Players Association did during the NFL lockout, and whether it worked depends on who you ask. Hunter's admission, however, is significant because decertification is the path preferred by many high-profile agents. Those agents reportedly want to push Hunter out because of his previous disinclination for decertifying and because they feel Hunter has given too much back to the owners in negotiations already.

It remains to be seen if Hunter's admission is a sign that he is coming around to the agents' line of thinking or whether it displays he is powerless.