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Players' Union To Fund, Open Workout Centers During NBA Lockout

As a response to a continuing NBA lockout that has cost the league's entire preseason and will soon take regular season games off of the schedule as well, the players' union will fund and open at least three workout centers across the country. Billy Hunter, the director of the National Basketball Players Association, said that the union will open workout centers in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Houston, and possibly in Miami.

A huge number of players have been working out in L.A. and Las Vegas with various paid trainers throughout the summer. Teams including the Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers and L.A. Clippers have held player-organized workouts, too. Exhibition games have been popular, with the Goodman League in Washington, D.C., getting plenty of attention. But seeking to offer free, reliable options for players, the union will provide workout spots.

Whether that plan keys in the sentiment that Hunter and the union think the lockout will last deep into the winter -- you'll notice Boston, Chicago and Detroit aren't on that list of locatons -- is unknown. That one of the workout centers won't be located on Maui is a positive, at least.