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The Best GIFs Of September, Complete With Ominous Excerpts From Sci-Fi Novels That Do Not Exist

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September was among the most wonderful of sports months. Click for 20 of the weirdest, funniest, and most awesome moments. Stay for relevant excerpts from imaginary sci-fi and post-apocalyptic novels.


September is perhaps my favorite month of the sports calendar. Between baseball, football, and... strike that, full stop. I love the other sports, but baseball and football alone are enough to sustain me. Enjoying college football, the NFL, and baseball's playoff races during the same weekend felt like we were committing a sin of gluttony.

As such, all 20 of the animated GIFs I selected from September are baseball or football GIFs. Among the highlights: a fan who runs on the field, lots of guys falling down, Bob Stoops' stink face, unwelcome hugs and high-fives of umpires, and cussing. Lots and lots of cussing.

The theme for this month, which you are welcome to completely ignore should you wish to scroll directly to the GIFs, is, "corresponding ominous excerpts from post apocalyptic and/or science fiction novels that do not actually exist."

Many of these GIFs come by way of @bubbaprog of Mocksession and SportsGrid. If you like animated GIFs, or videos of amazing sports happening minutes after they happen, you need to follow him. Trust me. As for the other GIFs, I've tried to give credit as best I can. If you know who any of these GIFs belong to, please let me know.

Okeydoke! Enjoy! I hope the gloomy scenarios that unfold in the coming pages do not actually ever come to pass!

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