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NBA Lockout: Still No Movement As Stoppage Reaches 100th Day, With Deadline Looming

Commissioner David Stern said that if there isn't a deal to end the NBA lockout by Monday, the first two weeks of the regular season will be cancelled. You might have expected the sides to be burning the midnight oil to get a deal done, given the sheer amount of money at stake to everyone.

Instead, the sides aren't even meeting.

No reports of plans to talk or meet on Sunday surfaced on Saturday, as the Jewish population celebrated Yom Kippur. Players' union director Billy Hunter is on his way to Los Angeles to meet with players on Monday, while other members of the National Basketball Players Association left New York after talks broke off on Tuesday. The union held a regional meeting in Miami on Saturday without Hunter, gathering the large group of stars who had arrived in south Florida for a major charity exhibition game hosted by LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

The math does not support a continued lockout: both sides would be better off accepting the other side's deal than missing games. When this realization hits the league and union remains to be seen.