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Last-Ditch NBA Lockout Talks To Be Held Sunday, According To Report

Top officials from the league and players' union will be in last-minute NBA lockout talks on Sunday, reports the New York Times' Howard Beck. Negotiations came to a screaming halt on Tuesday as players walked out when the league asserted it would not move from its position on a 50 percent split of basketball-related income. (Players had received 57 percent in each of the past nine seasons, and haven't been below 53 percent in decades.)

As late as early Sunday, the sides were determined not to meet, as the union bristled at the league's insistence on holding to a 50-50 split and making it non-negotiable going forward. Beck reports that it's unclear which side softened. But the important thing is that the two sides are meeting.

NBA commissioner David Stern said on Tuesday that without a deal by Monday, the first two weeks of the regular season will be cancelled. That would cost players $200 million, and teams roughly that amount, as well.