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NBA Lockout: Agents, Players Ready To File Decertification Petition If Union Rejects Owners' Offer

The decertification movement pushed by a number of players and agents is prepared to move forward next week it the union rejects the league's latest NBA lockout offer, reports Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski. The decertification camp needs roughly 130 signatures to file to the National Labor Relations Board to force a vote of the union within 45 days. If a majority approved decertification, the union would no longer represent the players at the bargaining table, and players would be able to file anti-trust litigation against the owners.

Several agents told Y! Sports they have more than 200 player signatures on a decertification petition to force a vote to dissolve the union. The paperwork could be filed before Monday, even though it doesn't preclude the players from accepting the league's offer.

Reports have also suggested that Billy Hunter, the union's director and someone who didn't seem satisfied with the league's offer in a Thursday press conference, could opt to file a disclaimer of interest, which would open the door for anti-trust litigation without a union vote.

The Boston Celtics' Paul Pierce has led the decertification option push behind the scenes, organizing a set of calls on the subject last week. The Celtics were also oddly the only team without representation at this week's player representatives gathering in New York, despite the fact that Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo have attended other union meetings.