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NBA Lockout: James Dolan Sickened By Lack Of Deal, Knicks Began To Prepare For Season

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New York Knicks owner James Dolan did not attend the nearly 24 hours of NBA lockout negotiations that occurred in his city this week. The New York Post's Marc Berman reports that Dolan stayed away because the lack of a deal is driving him mad.

Knicks owner James Dolan blew off the two-day desperation labor session between the NBA and players' union in Manhattan with one source saying he has been sickened by the failure of his fellow owners to make a deal.

Berman also reports that the Knicks began to prepare for the season to start this week, with coaches and staff setting up the practice facility for training camp that may not come for months or a year.

Player representatives from each NBA team will meet early next week to decide whether to take or leave the NBA's latest proposal. If the union does agree on the deal, the season would begin December 15.