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Manny Pacquiao's Next Fight - Time May Be Right For Mayweather Fight

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

It's the fight that the world has wanted to see for years now and it may be closer than many realize in the wake of Pacquiao's narrow majority decision win over Juan Manuel Marquez.

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Mayweather fought Marquez in 2009 and was much more successful, dominating the Mexican superstar over twelve rounds. Every successful boxer is driven by his ego, those that say they aren't are lying, but perhaps no one in boxing is as ego driven as Mayweather.

Floyd is fiercely proud of the fact that he is undefeated, to the point where he thinks that is more important than appeasing the masses who feel that a loss in taking the risk of fighting the one man who can compete with him in pound-for-pound rankings is worth a hundred wins over Shane Mosley and Victor Ortiz types. To him, no one can say he isn't the best if he hasn't ever lost.

Now, with Manny struggling to beat a man he dominated, he may see Pacquiao as having enough holes in his game as to be easy prey. That may be the most important thing in actually getting the two pound-for-pound greats in the ring together.

Then again, maybe it won't and we'll simply never see the fight the world wants.